457-1 Purpose

  457-1.5 Practice of nursing

    457-2 Definitions

  457-2.5 Registered nurse

  457-2.6 Licensed practical nurse

  457-2.7 Advanced practice registered nurse

    457-3 State board of nursing; appointment; term of office

    457-4 Qualifications of board members

    457-5 Duties and powers of board

  457-5.5 Nursys; verification of nurse license

    457-6 Repealed

  457-6.5 Application of National Council of State Boards of

          Nursing Model Nursing Practice Act and Model Nursing

          Administrative Rules

    457-7 Registered nurses; qualifications; licenses; fees;

          title; existing licensed nurses; verification of

          licenses; eligibility

  457-7.5 Delegation

    457-8 Licensed practical nurse; qualifications; license;

          fees; title; existing licensed nurses; verification of

          licenses; eligibility

  457-8.5 Advanced practice registered nurse; qualifications;

          recognition; endorsement; fees; eligibility

  457-8.6 Prescriptive authority for advanced practice

          registered nurses

  457-8.7 Advanced practice registered nurses; abortions by

          medication or aspiration; penalties; refusal to


  457-8.8 Advanced practice registered nurses; global signature


  457-8.9 Advanced practice registered nurses; expedited partner


    457-9 Renewal of license; inactivation and reactivation of

          license; restoration of forfeited license

  457-9.2 Continuing competency requirements; exemptions;

          extensions; records retention; audit

  457-9.3 Learning activity options

  457-9.5 Center for nursing fee

   457-10 Repealed

   457-11 Nursing education programs

   457-12 Discipline; grounds; proceedings; hearings

 457-12.5 Discipline based on action taken in another state;

          conditions; prohibition on practice

   457-13 Exceptions

   457-14 Violations of chapter; penalties

   457-15 Injunctive relief

   457-16 Severability

   457-17 Telehealth; privacy, security, and confidentiality




  Source notes for certain sections of this chapter start with L 1970, c 71, which completely amended this chapter.


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.

  Advanced practice registered nurses; filing of electronic mail address, see §451D-5.

  Diversion program for chemically dependent nurses, see chapter 334D.

  Health care professionals, see chapter 451D.

  Immunity for prescribing, dispensing, or distributing opioid antagonists, see chapter 329E.

  Primary health care incentive program, see §321-1.5.