456-1 Appointment; renewal. (a) The attorney general may, in the attorney general's discretion, appoint and commission such number of notaries public for the State as the attorney general deems necessary for the public good and convenience. The term of office of a notary public shall be four years from the date of the notary's commission, unless sooner removed by the attorney general for cause after due hearing; provided that after due hearing the commission of a notary public may be revoked or otherwise disciplined by the attorney general in any case where any change occurs in the notary's office, occupation, residence, or employment which in the attorney general's judgment renders the holding of such commission by the notary no longer necessary for the public good and convenience. Each notary shall, upon any change in the notary's office, occupation, residence, or employment, forthwith report the same to the attorney general.

(b) Each notary public shall be responsible for renewing the notary public's commission on a timely basis and satisfying the renewal requirements provided by law. The failure to renew a commission in a timely manner may cause the commission to be forfeited, if the attorney general finds that the failure was done knowingly; provided that a forfeited commission may be restored by the attorney general within one year after the date of forfeiture upon compliance with the commission renewal requirements provided by law and upon written application and payment of all applicable fees. [CC 1859, 1266; am L 1887, c 11, 1; RL 1925, 3174; am L 1929, c 3, 1; RL 1935, 5200; am L 1941, c 322, 1; am L 1943, c 173, pt of 1; RL 1945, 7661; am L 1953, c 30, 1; RL 1955, 168-1; am L 1959, c 4, 1; HRS 456-1; am L 1978, c 122, 1; gen ch 1985; am L 1998, c 290, 2]


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Hearings, see chapter 91.

Legislators not disqualified, see Const. Art. III, 8.


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