456-1 Appointment; renewal

  456-1.5 Powers and duties of the attorney general

  456-1.6 Definitions

    456-2 Qualifications; oath

    456-3 Seal

    456-4 Filing copy of commission; authentication of acts

    456-5 Official bond

    456-6 Liabilities; limitations on; official bond

    456-7 Unauthorized practice as a notary public

    456-8 Rules

    456-9 Fees and administrative fines

  456-9.5 Notaries public revolving fund

   456-10 Duties, by mercantile usage

   456-11 Protests; negotiable paper

   456-12 Protest, evidence of what

   456-13 May administer oath

   456-14 Notary connected with a corporation or trust company;

          authority to act

   456-15 Record; copies as evidence

   456-16 Disposition of records; penalty

   456-17 Fees

   456-18 Notaries in government service

   456-19 Notary signing for disabled person

   456-20 Failure to verify identity and signature

   456-21 Failure to authenticate with a certification statement


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