§454F-10.7  Change in control of a licensee; fees.  (a)  A licensee shall submit to the commissioner an application requesting approval of a proposed change of control of the licensee, accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of $500, payable to the division.

     (b)  The commissioner shall approve a request for change of control under subsection (a) if, after investigation, the commissioner determines that the person or group of persons who will obtain control will be in compliance with this chapter upon approval of the application for a proposed change of control of the licensee and will have the competence, experience, character, and general fitness to control the licensee or person in control of the licensee in a lawful and proper manner, and that the interests of the public will not be jeopardized by the change of control. [L 2010, c 84, pt of §3; am L 2011, c 194, §11; am L 2017, c 150, §7]