§454F-4.9  Abandoned applications.  (a)  An application for licensure pursuant to this chapter shall be considered abandoned if an applicant fails to provide evidence of continued efforts to complete the licensing application process for thirty days.  The thirty-day period shall begin on the last day of contact with the division by the applicant.  The commissioner may extend this period for good cause.  No refund of filing fees shall be provided to an applicant for an abandoned application.  The commissioner shall not be required to act on any abandoned application and is not required to retain abandoned applications or supporting documents.  The commissioner may withdraw abandoned applications from NMLS.

     (b)  For purposes of this section, failure to provide evidence of continued efforts to complete the licensing process includes:

     (1)  Failure to submit required documents and other information requested by the commissioner within thirty days from the last date the documents or other information were requested; or

     (2)  Failure to provide the commissioner with any written communication indicating that the applicant is attempting to complete the licensing process for a period of thirty days.

     (c)  If an application is deemed abandoned by the commissioner, the applicant may reapply for licensure after payment of applicable fees and compliance with the licensing requirements in effect at the time of reapplication.

     (d)  An applicant may withdraw an application that has been submitted under this chapter at any time; provided that no refund shall be issued.  The commissioner shall treat a withdrawn application as an abandoned application according to this section. [L 2011, c 194, pt of §1; am L 2012, c 252, §8; am L 2013, c 168, §20]