§454F-4.5  Automatic secondary review of license application.  (a)  For each application that was determined on initial review to fail to meet the criteria for licensure, the commissioner shall provide a secondary level of review of the application which shall include the:

     (1)  Overall character and fitness of the applicant, taking into account all relevant circumstances and weighing all mitigating factors appropriately; and

     (2)  Assurance that non-discretionary licensing criteria have been applied correctly.

     (b)  The applicant, or in the case of an applicant that is not an individual, each of the applicant's control persons, executive officers, directors, general partners, and managing members, shall submit authorization to the commissioner for the commissioner to conduct background checks to determine or verify the information in subsection (a) in each state where the person has conducted mortgage loan origination activities.  Authorization pursuant to this subsection shall include consent to provide additional fingerprints, if necessary, to law enforcement or regulatory bodies in other states. [L 2010, c 84, pt of §3; am L 2011, c 194, §6; am L 2017, c 150, §5]