Part I. General Provisions


454F-1 Definitions

454F-1.5 Registration with NMLS required

454F-1.6 Presumption of control

454F-1.7 Duties of a qualified individual and branch manager

454F-1.8 Sponsorship by mortgage loan originator company,

exempt sponsoring mortgage loan originator company,

or nonprofit organization

454F-2 Exemptions

454F-2.5 Exempt sponsoring mortgage loan originator company;


454F-3 Requirement of licensure

454F-4 License and registration; application; issuance

454F-4.5 Automatic secondary review of license application

454F-4.8 Decision denying application subject to administrative


454F-4.9 Abandoned applications

454F-5 Issuance of license

454F-6 Pre-licensing and re-licensing; education of mortgage

loan originators

454F-7 Testing of mortgage loan originators

454F-8 Standards for license renewal

454F-8.5 Reinstatement of expired licenses

454F-9 Continuing education; mortgage loan originators

454F-10 Authority to require license

454F-10.5 Authorized places of business; designation of qualified

individuals and branch managers; branch offices;

principal office; relocation

454F-10.6 Voluntary cessation of operation; surrender of license

454F-10.7 Change in control of a licensee; fees

454F-11 NMLS registry information; challenge process

454F-12 Enforcement authorities; violations; penalties

454F-13 Repealed

454F-14 Confidentiality

454F-15 Investigation and examination authority

454F-16 Mortgage call reports

454F-17 Prohibited practices

454F-18 Powers of commissioner

454F-19 Unique identifier shown

454F-20 Report to NMLS

454F-21 Repealed

454F-22 Mortgage loan originator, mortgage loan originator

company, exempt sponsoring mortgage loan

originator company, and nonprofit organization fees

454F-23 Payment of fees

454F-24 Limited exemption for mortgage loan originators

employed by mortgage servicers

454F-25 Nonprofit organizations; mortgage loan originators

454F-26 Repealed


Part II. Mortgage Loan Recovery Fund

454F-41 Mortgage loan recovery fund; use of fund; fees

454F-42 Statute of limitation; recovery from fund

454F-43 Management of fund

454F-44 Standing

454F-45 Subrogation of rights

454F-46 Waiver of rights

454F-47 Disciplinary action against licensee




Hiring and temporary exchange of employees. L 2010, c 84, 31, 33, and 34.


Revision Note


Chapter was enacted as an addition to title 22 but is redesignated to title 25 pursuant to 23G-15.


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