453-32.5 Temporary certification. The board shall approve temporary certification of an applicant under section 453-32 if the applicant has graduated from a board approved training program within twelve months of the date of application and has never taken the written and practical examination of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians for that level of practice but otherwise meets the requirements of section 453-32, has filed a complete application with the board, and has paid all required fees.

If the applicant fails to apply for, or to take, the next succeeding examination or fails to pass the examination or fails to receive a certificate, all privileges under this section shall automatically cease upon written notification sent to the applicant by the board. A temporary certificate for each level of practice may be issued only once to each person.

Prior to practicing under temporary certification, applicants shall notify the board in writing of any and all employers under whom they will be performing services. [L 1984, c 168, pt of 2; am L 1986, c 144, 5; am L 1988, c 110, 7]


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