453-32.1 Renewal of certification. (a) Every person holding a certificate under this part shall renew the certificate with the board no later than January 31 of each even-numbered year, pay a renewal fee, and comply with the continuing education requirements set forth in the board's rules.

(b) To determine compliance, the board may conduct a random audit. A person selected for audit shall be notified by the board. Within sixty days of notification, the person shall provide to the board documentation to verify compliance with the continuing education requirements.

(c) Failure to renew, pay the renewal fee, and, in the case of audited persons, provide documentation of compliance shall constitute a forfeiture of the certificate which may only be restored upon the submission of written application, payment to the board of a restoration fee, and in the case of audited persons, documentation of compliance.

(d) A certificate that has been forfeited for one renewal term shall be automatically terminated and cannot be restored, and a new application for certification shall be required. [L 1989, c 181, 1; am L 2001, c 66, 2]


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