453-13 Penalty. Any person who violates this chapter, or who offers or in any way attempts to engage in the practice of medicine as defined in section 453-1 and fails to comply with any of the requirements or provisions of this chapter, penalty for which violation or failure to comply is not otherwise provided for, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than six months and each day's violation or failure to comply shall be deemed a separate offense.

All tools, implements, medicine, and drugs used in the practice of medicine by any person convicted of practicing medicine without a license shall be declared forfeited to the State by the court and ordered destroyed. [L 1896, c 60, 6; RL 1925, 1028; am L 1929, c 109, 1; RL 1935, 1207; RL 1945, 2512; RL 1955, 64-12; HRS 453-13]


Cross References


Classification of offense and authorized punishment, see 701-107, 706-640, and 706-663.



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