Part I.  Generally


     453-1 Practice of medicine defined

   453-1.3 Practice of telehealth

   453-1.5 Pain management guidelines

     453-2 License required; exceptions

     453-3 Limited and temporary licenses

   453-3.1 Repealed

   453-3.2 Educational teaching license

   453-3.5 Training replacement temporary license

     453-4 Qualifications for examination and licensure

   453-4.5 Foreign medical graduates; alternative


   453-4.6 Licensure by endorsement

     453-5 Hawaii medical board; appointment, removal,


   453-5.1 Powers and duties of board

   453-5.2 Repealed

   453-5.3 Physician assistant; licensure required

   453-5.4 Physician assistant advisory committee

   453-5.5 Physician assistant; authority to sign documents

     453-6 Fees; expenses

   453-6.5 Repealed

     453-7 Form of license

   453-7.5 Review of complaints and information by department

     453-8 Revocation, limitation, suspension, or denial of


   453-8.1 Voluntary limitation of license

   453-8.2 Disciplinary action

   453-8.3 Repealed

   453-8.4 Summary suspension

   453-8.5 Repealed

   453-8.6 Discipline based on action taken by another state

           or federal agency; conditions; prohibition on


   453-8.7 Reporting requirements

   453-8.8 Physician workforce assessment fee; license;

           physician workforce information

     453-9 Repealed

    453-10 Witnesses in such proceeding

    453-11 Recalcitrant witnesses; contempt

    453-12 Perjury

    453-13 Penalty

    453-14 Duty of physician, osteopathic physician, surgeon,

           hospital, clinic, etc., to report wounds

    453-15 Who shall give consent to a postmortem examination

    453-16 Intentional termination of pregnancy; penalties;

           refusal to perform

    453-17 Subpoena of peer review adverse decision report

    453-18 Pelvic examinations on anesthetized or unconscious

           female patients


        Part II.  Emergency Medical Service Personnel

    453-31 Emergency ambulance service personnel

    453-32 License requirements for emergency medical services

  453-32.1 Renewal of licensure

  453-32.5 Provisional licensure

 453-32.51 Limited provisional licensure

  453-32.6 Delegation to committee of practicing emergency

           physicians or osteopathic physicians and emergency

           ambulance personnel

    453-33 Rules

    453-34 Licensure consistent with levels of practice;

           licensure of emergency medical technician 1


        Part III.  Expedited Partner Therapy

    453-51 Definitions

    453-52 Expedited partner therapy

    453-53 Information sheet

    453-54 Limitation of liability


Cross References


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  Health care peer review, see chapter 671D.

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