448-1 Dentistry defined; exempted practices

  448-1.5 Lead apron during x-ray; required

    448-2 Practice without license prohibited

    448-3 Practice by unlicensed employee prohibited; penalty

    448-4 Fraudulent advertising

    448-5 Board of dentistry; appointment

    448-6 Powers and duties, meetings

    448-7 Fees

    448-8 Repealed

  448-8.5 Continuing education requirements

    448-9 Application for licensure

  448-9.4 American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) examination;

          regional examinations

  448-9.5 Repealed

  448-9.6 Community service license

   448-10 Repealed

   448-11 Investigations and hearings

   448-12 Temporary license

   448-13 Certificate, evidence

   448-14 Repealed

 448-14.5 Prohibition on ownership and interference

   448-15 No corporation to practice dentistry; penalty

   448-16 Duty to furnish names, etc.

 448-16.5 Board of dentistry; summary suspension

   448-17 Refusal, revocation, suspension, and administrative


   448-18 Hearings

   448-19 Using assumed name or degree prohibited

   448-20 Practicing for advertising purposes, penalty

   448-21 Criminal penalties

   448-22 Prosecuting officers, duty

   448-23 Filing of false information; revocation of license

   448-24 Remedies or penalties cumulative

   448-26 Discipline based on action taken by another state or

          federal agency; conditions; prohibition on practice

   448-28 Notice to consumers 

   448-29 Administration of general anesthesia and sedation;


   448-30 Inspection of facilities, equipment, and personnel


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.

  Dental health facilities; health care facilities; use of latex gloves, see §321-11.9.

  Dental service corporations, see chapter 423.

  Health care peer review, see chapter 671D.

  Health care professionals, see chapter 451D.