§446E-1.6  Exceptions.  This chapter shall not apply to the types of schools and courses of instruction that include:

     (1)  Schools and educational programs conducted by firms, corporations, or persons for the training of their own employees;

     (2)  Apprentice or other training programs provided by labor unions to union members or union applicants for membership;

     (3)  Courses of instruction that do not lead to the conferring of a degree;

     (4)  Seminars, refresher courses, and programs of instruction sponsored by professional, business, or farming organizations or associations for their members or employees of their members;

     (5)  Courses of instruction conducted by a public school district or a combination of public school districts;

     (6)  Colleges and universities that grant degrees pursuant to chapter 304A;

     (7)  Entities that are established under the jurisdiction of the board of regents of the University of Hawaii;

     (8)  Schools, courses of instruction, or courses of training that are offered by a vendor to the purchaser or prospective purchaser of the vendor's product when the objective of the school or course is to enable the purchaser or the purchaser's employees to gain skills and knowledge which enable the purchaser to use the product;

     (9)  Schools and educational programs conducted by religious organizations solely for the religious instruction of their members;

    (10)  Nondegree granting post-secondary educational institutions licensed by the department of education or the real estate commission; and

    (11)  Schools that are accredited by an agency or organization approved or recognized by the United States Department of Education or a successor agency, except as provided for in section 446E-5(b) and (c). [L 1999, c 171, pt of §1; am L 2006, c 75, §15]