Sections 445-171 and 445-172 designated as Part VII by L 1990, c 164, 28.

Assessment under 26H-4 removed. L 1992, c 232, 1.


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Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers, see chapter 486M.


445-171 Fee, conditions. The treasurer may grant licenses to suitable persons to be dealers and traders in secondhand articles, and may revoke such licenses for cause satisfactory to the treasurer. The licensees shall pay to the treasurer an annual fee of $10.

Every license granted under this section shall designate the place where the business is carried on and shall continue for one year unless sooner revoked. Every dealer shall keep a book in which shall be written a description of every article received, the name, residence, and a general description of the person from whom, and the time and hour when the article was received. The book, the place where the business is carried on, and the articles of property therein, may be examined at any time by the treasurer, the chief of police, or by any person presenting to such dealer a written authorization so to do from the treasurer or chief of police. [L 1905, c 31, 1; am L 1911, c 54, 1; RL 1925, 2091; am L 1932 1st, c 1, pt of 1; am L 1932 2d, c 66, 13; RL 1935, 2509; RL 1945, 7113; RL 1955, 155-93; HRS 445-171; gen ch 1985]


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Used motor vehicles parts and accessories, see chapter 289.



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