§445-114  Unlawful posting in public places.  Except for a public officer in performance of a public duty, or a private person in giving legal notice on other than utility poles, it shall be unlawful for any person to paste, post, paint, print, nail, tack, or otherwise fasten any card, banner, handbill, sign, poster, outdoor advertising device, or notice of any kind or cause the same to be done, on any curbstone, lamppost, utility pole, streetlight pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, street sign, traffic sign, or traffic light upon any public property in the State, except as may be required by the ordinances of the county where it is posted, or by the laws of this State or of the United States. [L 1965, c 233, pt of §1; Supp, §155-123; HRS §445-114; am L 1998, c 181, §1]