445-113 Regulation by counties. Except for outdoor advertising devices authorized under section 445-112(16) and (17), the several counties may adopt ordinances regulating billboards and outdoor advertising devices not prohibited by sections 445-111 to 445-121. The ordinances may:

(1) Classify billboards and outdoor advertising devices in the classes set forth in section 445-112, or in any other reasonable manner of classification;

(2) Regulate the size, manner of construction, color, illumination, location, and appearance of any class of billboard or outdoor advertising device;

(3) Prohibit the erection or maintenance of any type of billboard or the displaying of any outdoor advertising device in particular parts, or in all parts, of the county; provided that the prohibition shall not apply to any official notice or sign described in section 445-112(1); and provided further that, unless a county ordinance specifies otherwise, the prohibition shall extend to billboards or outdoor advertising devices located in the airspace or waters beyond the boundaries of the county that are visible from any public highway, park, or other public place located within the county;

(4) Control and license the business of making, erecting, posting, renting, and maintaining outdoor advertising devices and billboards as a business providing advertising for others, and require each person engaging in such business to obtain an annual license, the fee for which shall not exceed $100. The license shall be conditioned upon the maintenance of all outdoor advertising devices and billboards in a safe state, and the observance of sections 445-111 to 445‑121 and all applicable ordinances and shall be revocable by the licensing authority upon breach of such condition;

(5) Require that no person, whether licensed under paragraph (4) or not, shall erect or maintain any billboard unless it is licensed by a permit issued by the county, the issuance of which permit shall be conditioned upon compliance with this chapter and all applicable ordinances and the payment to the county of an annual fee not to exceed $25 per billboard; and

(6) Provide for such other regulation of billboards and outdoor advertising devices as will promote the public health, welfare, safety, and convenience; encourage and promote the tourist and visitor trade; conserve and develop the natural beauty of the State, as well as objects and places of historic and cultural interest; foster sightliness and physical good order; and promote the purposes and provisions of sections 445‑111 to 445-121. [L 1965, c 233, pt of 1; Supp, 155-122; HRS 445-113; am L 1986, c 245, 2; am L 2005, c 188, 1]



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