443B-1 Definitions

    443B-2 Powers and duties of the director

    443B-3 Registration required

  443B-3.5 Designation as exempt out-of-state collection

           agency; limitations on business practices; fees;

           disciplinary action

    443B-4 Application for registration

 443B-4.51 Certificate of registration

 443B-4.52 Notice of termination of business

 443B-4.53 Termination of business and surrender of certificate

           of registration

 443B-4.54 Notification of change

 443B-4.55 Single act; evidence of practice

 443B-4.56 Transfer of registration

 443B-4.57 Fine, revocation, suspension, termination, denial of

           registration, renewal of registration, or

           restoration of registration

 443B-4.58 Biennial renewal requirement

 443B-4.59 Restoration of forfeited registration

 443B-4.60 Collecting without a registration

 443B-4.61 Repealed

 443B-4.62 Audits

 443B-4.63 Furnishing deceptive forms

    443B-5 Bond

    443B-6 Place of business; principal collector

    443B-7 Repealed

    443B-8 Manner in which records, funds, and other forms of

           indebtedness are to be kept by collection agencies

    443B-9 Collection, attorney's, or commission fees;


   443B-10 Reports and payments by agency

 443B-10.5 Fiduciary responsibility

   443B-11 Action on collection agency bond

   443B-12 Remedies not exclusive

   443B-13 Jurisdiction of courts

   443B-14 Penalties

   443B-15 Threats or coercion

   443B-16 Harassment and abuse

   443B-17 Unreasonable publication

   443B-18 Fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading


   443B-19 Unfair or unconscionable means

   443B-20 Unfair competition, unfair or deceptive acts or


   443B-21 Severability


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.

  Collection practices, see chapter 480D.

  Mortgage rescue fraud prevention act, see chapter 480E.

  Secure and fair enforcement for mortgage licensing act, see chapter 454F.


Case Notes


  Plaintiff not entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff's claim under §480-13, as plaintiff failed to establish that plaintiff was actually damaged by defendant's failure to register as a debt collector.  183 F. Supp. 2d 1234 (2002).

  Designation of the director to enforce this chapter does not preclude standing to an individual to sue under chapter 480, provided the individual can satisfy the definition of "consumer"; circuit court's conclusion that plaintiffs had no standing to sue for a chapter 443B violation because director was charged with enforcement of the chapter, was error.  78 H. 213 (App.), 891 P.2d 300 (1995).

  Because defendant was a bank, it was not a collection agency subject to this chapter's requirements.  901 F. Supp. 2d 1253 (2012).