442-1 Chiropractic defined

    442-2 License to practice

    442-3 Hawaii board of chiropractic

    442-4 Repealed

    442-5 Board's powers

    442-6 Examinations

    442-7 Application, scheduling, administration, scoring,

          and place of examination

    442-8 License form, authority under

    442-9 License refusal, revocations, suspension, fine,

          limitation, restriction, probation, reissuance

   442-10 Proceedings for revocation, suspension, limitation,

          restriction, or placement under probation of license

   442-11 Biennial renewal; fees; failure to renew

   442-12 Display of license certificate

   442-13 Repealed

   442-14 Change of residence

   442-15 Repealed

   442-16 Board records

   442-17 Licensees, duties

   442-18 Disposition of fees; establishment of fees by rule

   442-19 Violations, penalty

   442-20 Repealed


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.

  Health care professionals, see chapter 451D.