440G-1 Short title

    440G-2 Repealed

    440G-3 Definitions

    440G-4 Issuance of cable franchises and regulation of

           cable operators by director of commerce and

           consumer affairs

    440G-5 Cable franchise required

    440G-6 Application or proposal for cable franchise; fee;

           certain requirements

    440G-7 Cable franchise application or proposal

           procedure; public hearing; notice

    440G-8 Issuance of cable franchise authority; criteria;


  440G-8.1 Requirement for adequate service; terms and

           conditions of service

  440G-8.2 Cable system installation, construction,

           operation, removal; general provisions

  440G-8.3 Designation of access organizations for public,

           educational, or governmental access channels

    440G-9 Complaints; violations; revocation, alteration,

           or suspension of cable franchise; penalties

   440G-10 Renewal of cable franchise

 440G-10.1 Transfer of cable franchise

   440G-11 Rate, filed with director; approval

 440G-11.5 Other duties of the director; broadband services

   440G-12 Other duties of director; suit to enforce chapter

   440G-13 Cable advisory committee

   440G-14 Reports

   440G-15 Annual fees

   440G-16 Rules

   440G-17 Criminal and civil liability


Cross References


  Telecommunications and cable industry reporting, see chapter 440J.