[§440E-18]  Drug test; withholding of wages; penalty.  (a)  On the advice of one or both of the physicians in attendance at every contest, a post-contest drug test may be administered to any contestant, at the sole expense of the promoter, to determine whether the contestant has consumed any illegal drugs or drugs banned by the director.

     (b)  Any money, prize, purse, or other form of compensation due to a contestant shall be withheld by the director until the director, in consultation with the two attending physicians, is satisfied that the contestant did not have the presence of any illegal or banned drugs in the contestant's system.

     (c)  Any contestant who fails a drug test shall have the contestant's license suspended by the director for not less than twelve months from the date of the offense and, in the discretion of the director, may have the contestant's license permanently revoked. [L 2007, c 279, pt of §1]