[§440E-17]  Referees; duties.  (a)  At each mixed martial arts contest there shall be in attendance a duly licensed referee designated by the director, who shall direct and control the contest.  The referee shall render a decision for each contest, except as otherwise provided under this section.

     (b)  The referee may recommend and the director, in the director's discretion, may terminate the mixed martial arts contest or order the forfeiture of any prize, purse, or remuneration, or any part thereof, to which one or both of the mixed martial arts contestants may be entitled, or any part of the gate receipts for which the contestants are competing, if in the director's judgment one or both of the contestants are not honestly competing.

     (c)  Each referee shall warn contestants of the referee's power to terminate the contest or to recommend the forfeiture of any purse or purses, should there be any violation of contest rules.

     (d)  In any case where the referee decides that the contestants are not honestly competing and that under the law the contest should be terminated or that the prize, purse, or remuneration of one or both of the contestants should be forfeited, the contest shall be stopped before the end of the last round, and no decision shall be given.  A contestant earns nothing and shall not be paid for a contest in which there is stalling, faking, dishonesty, or collusion.  The director, independently of the referee or the referee's decision, may determine the merits of any contest and take whatever action the director considers proper.  In any case, the director may order the purse of the contestant violating any rules or statutes held up for investigation and action.

     (e)  The referee shall stop the contest when, in the referee's judgment, either of the contestants shows a marked superiority or is apparently outclassed. [L 2007, c 279, pt of §1]