§440-21  Physician; duties.  Every individual or club holding a license to conduct, hold, or give boxing contests shall have in attendance at every boxing contest at least two physicians licensed to practice medicine in the State and duly licensed hereunder, who shall observe the physical condition of the contestants and advise the referee with regard thereto and, one hour before each contestant enters the ring, certify in writing as to the physical condition of the contestant to engage in the boxing contest.  A report of the medical examination shall be filed with the commission not later than twenty-four hours after the termination of the boxing contest.  In addition, at least one physician shall immediately examine every contestant who was knocked down or who sustained a severe beating about the head during the contest and shall file a written medical opinion within twenty-four hours of the contest to the executive officer. [L 1929, c 216, §24; RL 1935, §7011; RL 1945, §7572; RL 1955, §165-23; HRS §440-21; am L 1983, c 241, §18; am L 2004, c 135, §18]