§440-15  Receipts and reports thereon.  (a)  Every individual or club holding a license to conduct, hold, or give boxing contests, within seventy-two hours after the determination of every boxing contest for which admission fees are charged and received, shall furnish to the commission a written report, duly verified, showing the number of tickets sold for the contest, the amount of the gross receipts or proceeds thereof, and other matters as the commission prescribes.

     (b)  For purposes of this section, "gross receipts" include income received from the sale of print, internet, broadcasting, television, and motion picture rights. [L 1929, c 216, §16; RL 1935, §7003; RL 1945, §7564; am L 1953, c 165, §2; RL 1955, §165-15; am L 1959, c 155, §1; HRS §440-15; am L 1983, c 241, §13; am L 2004, c 135, §14]