§440-13  License fees.  (a)  License fees shall be paid annually to the State by every applicant to whom a license is issued to participate in the conduct of professional boxing in any of the capacities set forth in this chapter:  promoter, physician, referee, judge, matchmaker, manager, timekeeper, second, and professional boxer.  The charge for a duplicate of a license and all fees required by this chapter shall be as provided in rules adopted by the director pursuant to chapter 91 and shall be deposited with the director to the credit of the compliance resolution fund established pursuant to section 26-9(o).

     (b)  The director may establish a schedule of license fees for participation in amateur boxing contests, and may waive payment of license fees for amateur boxing contests. [L 1929, c 216, §14; am L 1933, c 164, §1; RL 1935, §7001; RL 1945, §7562; am L 1949, c 264, §8; am L 1951, c 307, §§7, 8; RL 1955, §165-13; HRS §440-13; am L 1983, c 241, §11; am L 1984, c 7, §17; am L 1986, c 135, §10; am L 1997, c 232, §4; am L 2004, c 135, §12]