§440-1  Definitions.  As used in this chapter:

     "Amateur boxing contest" is one in which no contestant has boxed with or against a professional boxer or another amateur boxer for a money prize or purse, except as provided in this chapter.

     "Boxing" means a contest in which the act of attack and defense is practiced with gloved fists by two contestants.

     "Club" means a promoter, corporation, joint venture, partnership, limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership, or any other type of business entity that promotes, conducts, holds, or gives a boxing contest.  The terms "club" and "promoter" are synonymous, and may be used interchangeably.

     "Commission" means the state boxing commission.

     "Contest" means match or exhibition.

     "Director" means the director of commerce and consumer affairs.

     "Executive officer" means the executive officer assigned to the commission.

     "Manager" means any person who:

     (1)  Undertakes or has undertaken to represent in any way the interest of any professional boxer in procuring, arranging, or conducting any professional contest in which the boxer is to participate as a contestant; provided that "manager" shall not include an attorney licensed to practice in this State while the attorney is representing the legal interest of a professional boxer as a client; or

     (2)  Directs or controls the boxing activities of the professional boxer.

     "Professional boxer" is one who:  competes for a money prize or purse or other form of compensation; or teaches, pursues, or assists in the practice of boxing as a means of obtaining a livelihood or pecuniary gain.

     "Professional boxing contest" or "boxing contest" is one in which a contestant boxes with or against another boxer for a money prize or purse or other form of compensation. [L 1929, c 216, §38; RL 1935, §6990; RL 1945, §7551; am L 1949, c 264, §1; RL 1955, §165-1; HRS §440-1; am L 1983, c 241, §1; am L 1986, c 135, §4; am L 2004, c 135, §§1, 2]