440-1 Definitions

440-2 Commission established

440-3, 4 Repealed

440-5 Deputy commissioners

440-6 Rules

440-7 Other employees

440-8 Authority to subpoena witnesses, to administer oaths

and penalties

440-8.5 Powers and duties of the commission

440-9 Jurisdiction of commission

440-10 Licenses, promoters

440-11 Requirements to hold a boxing contest

440-12 Licenses, participants

440-13 License fees

440-14 Licenses, limitations, renewals

440-15 Receipts and reports thereon

440-16 Failure to report receipts

440-17 Admission tickets

440-18 Inspectors; duties

440-19 Referees; duties

440-20 Judges; duties

440-21 Physician; duties

440-22 Sham boxing contest; forfeiture of license

440-23 Sham boxing contest; penalty against contestant

440-24 Number of rounds

440-25, 26 Repealed

440-27 Financial interest in contestant prohibited

440-28 Wages of contestant; prepayment prohibited

440-29 Limit of weight difference between contestants

440-30 Control and supervision of amateur boxing contest

440-31 Persons barred as amateur contestants

440-32 Amateur contestants entitled to medals and trophies


440-33 Disposition of receipts

440-34 Violations; penalty

440-34.5 Summary disciplinary action

440-35 Not to apply to Army, Air Force, Navy, National

Guard, or Police Activities League

440-36 Revocation; suspension; fine

440-37 Cumulative penalties


Cross References


Sunset evaluations modified, see 26H-4 and 26H-5.

Mixed martial arts contests, see chapter 440E.


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