§437-36  Injunction; damages.  The motor vehicle industry licensing board or any person, firm, or corporation or any trade association may maintain a suit to enjoin the performance or the continuance of any act or acts by a person acting without a license where a license is required by this chapter, and if injured thereby, for the recovery of damages.  If in the suit the court finds that the defendant has violated or is violating any of the provisions of this chapter it may enjoin the defendant from further violation thereof.  It shall not be necessary that actual damages to the plaintiff or petitioner be alleged or proved.  Plaintiff or petitioner shall be entitled, if the plaintiff or petitioner procures a decree hereunder, to a reasonable attorney's fee to be allowed by the court. [L 1949, c 163, §2; am L 1951, c 90, pt of §1; RL 1955, §160-181; HRS §437-36; am L 1969, c 263, §1(22); gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


  Injunctions, see HRCP rule 65.