§437-33  Coercion by manufacturer or distributor unlawful.  No person, being a manufacturer or distributor of motor vehicles, or being an officer, agent, or representative of such manufacturer or distributor, shall induce or coerce, or attempt to induce or coerce, any retail motor vehicle dealer or prospective retail motor vehicle dealer to sell or refuse to sell all or any portion of the dealer's retail installment contracts to any person or class of persons designated by the manufacturer or distributor, by means of any statement, suggestion, promise, or threat, made directly or indirectly, that the manufacturer or distributor will in any manner injure or benefit such a dealer, or by means of any act of the manufacturer or distributor that has benefited or injured the dealer, or by means of any statement or representation, made directly or indirectly, that the dealer is under any obligation whatsoever to make or refuse to make such sale. [L 1939, c 258, §17; RL 1945, §7378; am L 1951, c 90, pt of §1; RL 1955, §160-178; HRS §437-33; gen ch 1985]