§437-25  Amended licenses.  (a)  Prior to entering the employ of a dealer, other than the one for which the salesperson's license was issued, a salesperson shall apply to the board for an amended license authorizing the new employment.  Prior to moving or amending the premises or adding branch locations of a business for which a license was issued under this chapter, the holder shall apply for an amended license authorizing the change.

     (b)  The executive officer of the board is authorized to issue the amended license of a salesperson subject to the ratification by the board for the first three amendments to a license during the original term thereof.  The board shall issue the fourth and following amendments to such license during the term of the original license.  The executive officer may issue an amended license for new or amended premises or for additional branch locations of the business under a license subject to the board's ratification; provided that the executive officer may not issue an amended license when a prior amendment to the same license has not been acted upon by the board.  Unless good cause exists, the amended license shall be freely issued for the remainder of the original term.

     (c)  The fees for amended licenses shall be as provided in rules adopted by the director of commerce and consumer affairs pursuant to chapter 91. [L 1963, c 199, §1(1); Supp, §160-171.3; HRS §437-25; am L 1969, c 263, §1(14); am L 1984, c 7, §5; gen ch 1985, 1993; am L 1996, c 264, §8]