§437-13  Disclosure of dealer.  Where a person licensed according to this chapter represents a buyer in the State in purchasing or attempting to purchase a motor vehicle from or through a dealer or broker not licensed in the State (hereinafter called "nonresident") residing or doing business without the State the person shall file with the motor vehicle industry licensing board each month a statement showing the name and address of all such nonresidents with whom the person has actually negotiated any such sale for the past month and with whom the person is authorized in writing to negotiate or continue to negotiate or to make such sales.  All such statements shall be under oath. [L 1957, c 302, §1(10); am L 1959, c 243, §1(5); am L 1961, c 59, §1(6); Supp, §160-167.555; HRS §437-13; am L 1969, c 263, §1(22); gen ch 1985]