Part I. General Provisions


437-1 Legislative findings and declaration

437-1.1 Definitions

437-2 Licenses

437-2.5 Repealed

437-3 Prohibited acts for dealer or auction

437-3.5 Renumbered

437-3.6 Waivers void

437-4 Advertising

437-4.5 Vehicle bumper impact notice

437-5 Board

437-6 Powers and duties of the board

437-7 Application for issuance or renewal of license

437-8 to 10 Repealed

437-11 Additional requirements for dealer's and auction's


437-12 Legal ownership certificates

437-13 Disclosure of dealer

437-14 Delivery of contract required

437-15 Principals held responsible

437-16 Records to be kept

437-17 Repealed

437-18 Bond of broker

437-19 to 21 Repealed

437-21.1 Bonds of auctions

437-22 Repealed

437-23 Term of license

437-24 Licenses terminate, when

437-25 Amended licenses

437-26 License not transferable; other requirements

437-27 Change of status, notice

437-27.5 Requirements to maintain license

437-28 Suspension; revocation; fine; denial of issuance or

renewal of a license

437-28.5 Procedures, protections, rights, and remedies made

available to licensees

437-29 Discretionary powers of board

437-30, 31 Repealed

437-31.5 New or used motor vehicle sales and lease contracts

437-32 Credit sale contracts; agreements concerning,


437-33 Coercion by manufacturer or distributor unlawful

437-34 Credit sale contracts, when purchase of unlawful

437-35 Penalty

437-35.5 Misdemeanor

437-36 Injunction; damages

437-37 Credit sale contract violations; penalty

437-37.5 Cumulative penalties

437-38 Repealed

437-39 Enforcement

437-40 Information in applications, confidential; penalty for


437-41 Liberal interpretation

437-42 Sections 445-171 and 445-172 not to apply


Part II. Manufacturer, Distributor, and Dealer


437-51 Dispute resolution

437-52 Reciprocal rights and obligations among dealers,

manufacturers, and distributors of motor vehicles

437-53 Sale, assignment, or transfer of franchise to

qualified purchaser

437-54 Transfer of franchise to successor who is not a

qualified purchaser

437-55 Establishment or relocation of franchise within

relevant market area

437-56 Reimbursement for parts

437-57 Warranty and incentive audits

437-58 Cancellation or failure to renew franchise agreement

437-59 Used vehicle recall; stop-sale orders


Cross References


Sunset evaluations modified, see 26H-4 and 26H-5.

Motor vehicle express warranty enforcement (lemon law), see chapter 481I.

Terminal rental adjustment clause; vehicle leases, see 286-52.4.

Used motor vehicle sales and warranties, see chapter 481J.


Case Notes


Complaint contained insufficient factual allegations to state a plausible claim for violation of the Hawaii Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Act based on the license agreement between plaintiff and defendant. 81 F. Supp. 3d 993 (2014).


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