436H-1 Title

436H-2 Definitions

436H-3 Athletic trainer program

436H-4 Registration required

436H-5 Exemptions

436H-6 Registration requirements

436H-7 Duties of treating physician

436H-8 Requirements to maintain registration

436H-9 Powers and duties of the director

436H-10 Fees; disposition

436H-11 Renewal of registration; fees

436H-12 Grounds for denial of registration; revocation

and suspension of registration

436H-13 Registration indicates permission to engage

in the practice of athletic training

436H-14 Civil penalties

436H-15 Rules




The contingent repeal of this chapter on June 30, 2018, by L 2012, c 198, 3 is deleted by L 2018, c 58, 2.

Additional $100 surcharge for new or renewal registrations. L 2012, c 198, 5.

Employment of department personnel without regard to chapter 76. L 2012, c 198, 4.


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