[§436B-12]  Criminal conviction.  When an applicant has been convicted of a penal crime directly related to the profession, vocation, or occupation for which licensure is sought, and it is determined that the conviction may be considered under section 831-3.1, the department, executive secretary, or the licensing authority's designee may request the following documents from the applicant:

     (1)  Copies of any court records, orders, or other documents that state the facts and statutes upon which the applicant was convicted, the verdict of the court with regard to that conviction, the sentence imposed, and the actual terms of the sentence; and

     (2)  Affidavits from any parole officer, employer, or other persons who can attest to a firm belief that the applicant has been sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant public trust. [L 1991, c 111, pt of §2]