Part I.  General Provisions


    436B-1 Short title

    436B-2 General definitions

    436B-3 Applicability; prevailing provisions; construction

    436B-4 Rules


         Part II.  Organization

    436B-5 Conditions of office

    436B-6 Organization of boards

    436B-7 Powers and duties of licensing authority

    436B-8 Delegation of authority

  436B-8.5 Review of examinations


         Part III.  Application for Licensure

    436B-9 Action on applications; abandoned applications

   436B-10 Application and requirements for licensure

   436B-11 Additional licensure requirements

   436B-12 Criminal conviction

   436B-13 Renewal of license

 436B-13.3 Inactive license; reactivation of inactive license

   436B-14 Restoration of forfeited license

 436B-14.5 Extension of licenses for members of the armed

           forces, National Guard, and reserves

 436B-14.6 Licensure by endorsement or licensure by

           reciprocity; experience requirements

 436B-14.7 Licensure by endorsement or licensure by

           reciprocity; initial acceptance by affidavit;

           temporary license; military spouse

 436B-14.8 Licensure; acceptance of military education,

           training, or service

   436B-15 Fees and expenses

 436B-15.5 Conversion of license


         Part IV.  Licensee Reporting Requirements

   436B-16 Notice of judgments, penalties

   436B-17 Filing of current addresses


         Part V.  Licensing Sanctions

   436B-18 Disciplinary action

   436B-19 Grounds for refusal to renew, reinstate or

           restore and for revocation, suspension,

           denial, or condition of licenses

 463B-19.5 Suspension or denial of license for noncompliance

           with child support order

 436B-19.6 Repealed

   436B-20 Suspended license

   436B-21 Revoked license

   436B-22 Relinquishment no bar to jurisdiction

   436B-23 Summary suspension

   436B-24 Hearings

   436B-25 Judicial review by circuit court


         Part VI.  Civil and Criminal Sanctions

   436B-26 No compensation for unlicensed activity; civil


 436B-26.5 Citation for unlicensed activity; civil penalties

   436B-27 Civil and criminal sanctions for unlicensed

           activity; fines; injunctive relief; damages;


   436B-28 Remedies or penalties cumulative

   436B-29 Severability




  Acceptance of military education, training, or service (repealed June 30, 2022).  L 2012, c 248.