436 Abstract Makers--Repealed

436B Uniform Professional and Vocational Licensing Act

436C Licensing Sanctions for Student Loan Defaults

436D Acupuncture Practitioners--Repealed

436E Acupuncture Practitioners

436H Athletic Trainers

436M Alarm Businesses

437 Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Act

437B Regulation of Motor Vehicle Repairs

437D Motor Vehicle Rental Industry

438 Barbering, Practice of

439 Beauty Culture

440 Boxing Contests

440D No Rules Combat or Similar Contests--Repealed

440E Mixed Martial Arts Contests

440G Cable Television Systems

440J Telecommunications and Cable Industry Information


441 Cemetery and Funeral Trusts

442 Chiropractic

443 Collection Agencies--Repealed

443A Debt Collection Practices--Repealed

443B Collection Agencies

444 Contractors

445 County Licenses

446 Debt Adjusting

446D Degree Granting Institutions--Repealed

446E Unaccredited Degree Granting Institutions

447 Dental Hygienists

448 Dentistry

448A Escort Agencies--Repealed

448B Dietitians

448D Dental Service Organizations

448E Electricians and Plumbers

448F Electrologists

448H Elevator Mechanics

449 Escrow Depositories

450 Fumigation--Repealed

451 Gasoline, Fuel, and Motor Oil--Repealed

451A Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters

451D Health Care Professionals

451J Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

451K Genetic Counselors

452 Massage

453 Medicine and Surgery

453D Mental Health Counselors

453J Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

454 Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors--Repealed

454D Real Estate Collection Servicing Agents--Repealed

454F Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act

454M Mortgage Servicers

455 Naturopathic Medicine

456 Notaries Public

457 Nurses

457A Nurse Aides

457B Nursing Home Administrators Act

457G Occupational Therapy Practice

458 Opticians, Dispensing

459 Optometry

460 Osteopathy--Repealed

460J Pest Control Operators

461 Pharmacists and Pharmacy

461J Physical Therapy Practice Act

462 Photography--Repealed

462A Pilotage

463 Private Investigators and Guards

463E Podiatrists

464 Professional Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and

Landscape Architects

465 Psychologists

465D Behavior Analysts

466 Public Accountancy

466D Respiratory Therapists

466J Radiologic Technology

466K Real Estate Appraisers

466L Appraisal Management Companies

467 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

467A Rental Agencies--Repealed

467B Solicitation of Funds from the Public

467D Social Workers--Repealed

467E Social Workers

468 Solicitors; Business of Taking Orders--Repealed

468B Bonding of Solar Energy Device Dealers--Repealed

468E Speech Pathologists and Audiologists

468J Travel Agencies--Repealed

468K Travel Agencies--Repealed

468L Travel Agencies

468M Activity Providers and Activity Desks

469 Undertakers, Embalmers, Funeral Directors

470 Vendors, Itinerant--Repealed

471 Veterinary Medicine

472 Veterinary Technology Practice


Cross References


Attorneys, see chapter 605.

Firearms, dealers' license, see chapter 134, pt II.

Insurance agents, etc., see chapter 431, article 9.

Liquor licenses, see chapter 281.

Maximum time period to approve business permits, see 91-13.5.

Registered agents act, see chapter 425R.


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