432:1-602 Newborn children coverage. (a) All individual and group hospital and medical service corporation contracts which provide coverage for a family member of the subscriber shall, as to such family member's coverage, also provide that the benefits applicable for children shall be payable or provided with respect to a newly born child of the subscriber from the moment of birth; provided that the coverage for newly born children shall be limited to the necessary care and treatment of medically diagnosed congenital defects and birth abnormalities. If payment of a specific subscription fee or premium is required to provide coverage for the child, the contract may require that notification of birth of a newly born child and payment of the required fee or premium must be furnished to the service corporation within thirty-one days after the date of birth in order to have coverage continue beyond such thirty-one-day period. The requirements of this section shall apply to all subscriber contracts delivered or issued for delivery in this State more than one hundred twenty days after July 1, 1988.

(b) No provision in subsection (a) shall be construed to provide or include coverage for routine well-baby services. [L 1987, c 347, pt of 2]


Revision Note


"July 1, 1988" substituted for "the effective date of this section" pursuant to 23G-15.



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