REPEALED.  L 1987, c 347, §1.


Cross References


  For present provisions, see chapter 431, article 20.

  For disposition of repealed provisions, see also Insurance Law Revision reference table at the end of chapter 435.







          Part I.  General Provisions


     432:1-101 Scope; exemptions

   432:1-101.5 Disclosure of health care coverage and benefits

   432:1-101.6 Policies relating to domestic abuse cases

     432:1-102 Applicability of other laws

     432:1-103 Applicability of this article to existing

               societies and union mutual benefit societies

     432:1-104 Definitions

   432:1-104.5 Bona fide trade associations

     432:1-105 Penalty

     432:1-106 Repealed

     432:1-107 Federal law compliance

   432:1-107.5 Prohibition on rescissions of coverage

     432:1-108 Fees


          Part II.  Organization

     432:1-201 Incorporation by charter

     432:1-202 Constitution and bylaws; officers; government

               of society

     432:1-203 Actions or proceedings

     432:1-204 Foreign societies


          Part III.  Authority to Offer Benefits

     432:1-301 Registration with commissioner:  certificate of

               registration and certificate of authority

     432:1-302 Commissioner refusal to authorize certificate

               or solicitation; appeal to circuit court

     432:1-303 Authority to offer death, sick, disability, or

               other benefits; conditions

     432:1-304 Authority to offer death, sick, disability, or

               other benefits; special deposit and control of

               certain funds

     432:1-305 Authority to offer death, sick, disability, or

               other benefits; restrictions on use of funds

     432:1-306 Authority to offer death, sick, disability, or

               other benefits; deposit or bond

     432:1-307 Repealed

     432:1-308 Suspension, revocation, or denial of

               certificate of authority


          Part IV.  Financial and Reporting Requirements

     432:1-401 Repealed

     432:1-402 Investments of certain mutual benefit societies

     432:1-403 Nonprofit medical, hospital indemnity

               associations; tax exemption

     432:1-404 Annual exhibits

     432:1-405 Annual audit

     432:1-406 Definitions

     432:1-407 Protection against insolvency

     432:1-408 Uncovered expenditures insolvency deposit

     432:1-409 Rehabilitation, liquidation, or conservation

               of mutual benefit societies

     432:1-410 Reserve credit for reinsurance


          Part V.  Examination Powers and Receivership

     432:1-501 Examination by commissioner, assistance of

               other officers

     432:1-502 Summary orders and supervision

     432:1-503 Closing of doors without notice


          Part VI.  Required Provisions and Benefits

     432:1-601 Contract limitations for handicapped children

               and children with intellectual disabilities

   432:1-601.5 Coverage for telehealth

     432:1-602 Newborn children coverage

   432:1-602.5 Coverage for child health supervision services

   432:1-602.6 Newborn adoptee; coverage

     432:1-603 Reimbursement for psychological services

     432:1-604 In vitro fertilization procedure coverage

   432:1-604.5 Contraceptive services

     432:1-605 Mammogram screening

   432:1-605.5 Mammograms; referral not required

     432:1-606 Qualified medical child support order

     432:1-607 Genetic information nondiscrimination in health

               insurance coverage

   432:1-607.3 Nondiscrimination on the basis of actual gender

               identity or perceived gender identity; coverage

               for services

     432:1-608 Hospice care coverage

     432:1-609 Medical foods and low-protein modified food

               products; treatment of inborn error of

               metabolism; notice

     432:1-610 Federally funded programs; exemption

     432:1-611 Repealed

     432:1-612 Diabetes coverage

     432:1-613 Orthodontic services for orofacial anomalies;

               benefits and coverage; notice

     432:1-614 Autism benefits and coverage; notice;


     432:1-615 Primary care provider; advanced practice

               registered nurse

     432:1-616 Cancer treatment

     432:1-617 Colon cancer screening coverage

     432:1-618 Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired

               immunodeficiency syndrome screening coverage

     432:1-620 Formulary; accessibility requirements

     432:1-621 Medication synchronization; proration;

               dispensing fees

     432:1-622 Extension of dependent coverage

     432:1-623 Prohibition of preexisting condition exclusions

     432:1-624 Prohibited discrimination in premiums or


     432:1-625 Reimbursement to providers




          Part I.  Structure and Purpose

     432:2-101 Scope of article

     432:2-102 Applicability of other laws

     432:2-103 Definitions

   432:2-103.5 Policies relating to domestic abuse cases

     432:2-104 Fraternal benefit societies

     432:2-105 Lodge system

     432:2-106 Representative form of government

     432:2-107 Purposes and powers

     432:2-108 Fees


          Part II.  Membership

     432:2-201 Qualifications for membership

     432:2-202 Location of office, meetings, communications

               to members, grievance procedures

     432:2-203 No personal liability

     432:2-204 Waiver


          Part III.  Governance

     432:2-301 Organization

     432:2-302 Amendments to laws

     432:2-303 Institutions

     432:2-304 Reinsurance

     432:2-305 Consolidations and mergers

     432:2-306 Conversion of fraternal benefit society into

               mutual life insurance company


          Part IV.  Contractual Benefits

     432:2-401 Benefits

     432:2-402 Beneficiaries

     432:2-403 Benefits not attachable

     432:2-404 The benefit contract

   432:2-404.5 Genetic information nondiscrimination in health

               insurance coverage

     432:2-405 Nonforfeiture benefits, cash surrender values,

               certificate loans and other options

     432:2-406 Mammogram coverage required; referral not


     432:2-410 Primary care provider; advanced practice

               registered nurse


          Part V.  Financial

     432:2-501 Investments

     432:2-502 Funds

     432:2-503 Taxation


          Part VI.  Regulation

     432:2-601 Valuations

     432:2-602 Reports

     432:2-603 Annual license

     432:2-604 Examination of societies; no adverse


     432:2-605 Foreign or alien society; admission

     432:2-606 Injunction, liquidation, receivership of

               domestic society

     432:2-607 Suspension, revocation or refusal of license

               of foreign or alien society

     432:2-608 Injunction

     432:2-609 Licensing of producers

     432:2-610 Unfair methods of competition and unfair and

               deceptive acts and practices

     432:2-611 Federal law compliance


          Part VII.  Miscellaneous

     432:2-701 Service of process

     432:2-702 Review

     432:2-703 Penalties

     432:2-704 Exemption of certain societies

     432:2-705 Severability


Cross References


  Conformance to federal law, see §431:2-201.5.

  Health insurance rate regulation, see chapter 431, article 14G.

  Health maintenance organization act, see chapter 432D.

  Medicaid-related mandates, see chapter 431L.

  Prescription drug benefits, see chapter 431R.

  Prescription drugs; mail order opt out option, see §87A-16.3.


Attorney General Opinions


  Section 431:10A-601 applied only to insurers, and not mutual benefit societies or health maintenance organizations.  Att. Gen. Op. 97-5.