[431R-1] Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context indicates otherwise:

"Beneficiary of a prescription drug benefit plan" or "beneficiary" means a person who is a member, subscriber, enrollee, or dependent of a member, subscriber, or enrollee of or otherwise covered under a prescription drug benefit plan.

"Pharmacy benefit manager" means any person, business, or entity that performs pharmacy benefit management, including but not limited to a person or entity under contract with a pharmacy benefit manager to perform pharmacy benefit management on behalf of a managed care company, nonprofit hospital or medical service organization, insurance company, third-party payor, or health program administered by the State.

"Pharmacy benefit manager's retail pharmacy network" means a retail pharmacy located and licensed in the State and contracted by the pharmacy benefit manager to sell prescription drugs to beneficiaries of a prescription drug benefit plan administered by the manager.

"Prescription drug benefit plan" means an accident and sickness insurance plan or health benefits plan that includes coverage for prescription drugs. For the purposes of this definition, a "health benefits plan" has the same meaning as in section 87A-1.

"Prescription drug benefit plan provider" means a person who provides prescription drug coverage as part of an accident and health or sickness insurance contract or other type of health insurance or benefits plan that is offered by the person and is subject to regulation under article 10A of chapter 431, chapter 432, or chapter 432D.

"Retail community pharmacy" means a pharmacy, permitted by the board of pharmacy pursuant to section 461-14, that is open to the public, dispenses prescription drugs to the general public, and makes available face-to-face consultations between licensed pharmacists and the general public to whom prescription drugs are dispensed. [L 2013, c 226, pt of 2]



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