Part I.  General Provisions


    431C-1 Short title

    431C-2 Definitions

    431C-3 Licensing requirements

    431C-4 License suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew

    431C-5 Contract requirements

    431C-6 Reporting requirements and privacy


       Part II.  Examinations

    431C-11 Examination

    431C-12 Conduct of examinations

    431C-13 Examination reports

    431C-14 Confidentiality of examination information

    431C-15 Examiner; conflict of interest

    431C-16 Immunity from liability

    431C-17 Investigative authority of the commissioner


       Part III.  Advertising

    431C-21 Advertising


       Part IV.  Disclosures and General Procedures

    431C-31 Disclosures to owners

    431C-32 Disclosure to insurer

    431C-33 General rules

    431C-34 Buyer's guide


       Part V.  Miscellaneous Provisions

    431C-41 Prohibited practices

    431C-42 Fraudulent life settlement acts prohibited

    431C-43 Fraud warning required

    431C-44 Mandatory reporting of fraudulent life settlement


    431C-45 Immunity from liability

    431C-46 Confidentiality

    431C-47 Other law enforcement or regulatory authority

    431C-48 Life settlement anti-fraud initiatives

    431C-49 Injunctions; civil remedies; cease and desist

    431C-50 Penalties

    431C-51 Unfair trade practices

    431C-52 Conflict of laws

    431C-53 Authority to adopt rules