[§431:31-108]  Portable electronics insurance claims.  No licensed independent adjuster or licensed vendor shall supervise more than twenty-five employees; provided that a licensed vendor who supervises employees or adjusts claims shall not be required to be licensed as an adjuster.

     For purposes of this section:

     "Automated claims adjudication system" means a preprogrammed computer system designed for the collection, data entry, calculation, and final resolution of portable electronics insurance claims, which:

     (1)  Shall be used only by a licensed independent adjuster, a licensed vendor, or supervised employees; and

     (2)  Shall comply with all claims-payment requirements of the insurance code.

     "Employee" means an individual who collects claim information for portable electronics insurance claims from, or furnishes claim information to, insureds or claimants, and who conducts data entry, including entering data into an automated claims adjudication system. [L 2012, c 321, pt of §1]