[§431:30-115]  Product filing and approval.  (a)  Insurers and third-party filers seeking to have a product approved by the commission shall file such product with, and pay applicable filing fees to, the commission.  Nothing in this article shall be construed to restrict or otherwise prevent an insurer from filing its product in any state wherein such insurer is licensed to conduct the business of insurance, and such filing shall be subject to the laws of the state where filed.

     (b)  The commission shall establish appropriate filing and review processes and procedures pursuant to commission rules and operating procedures.  Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the commission shall adopt rules to establish conditions and procedures under which the commission will provide public access to product filing information.  In establishing such rules, the commission shall consider the interests of the public in having access to such information, as well as protection of personal medical and financial information and trade secrets that may be contained in a product filing or supporting information.

     (c)  Any product approved by the commission may be sold or otherwise issued in compacting states for which the insurer is legally authorized to do business. [L 2004, c 104, pt of §2]