[§431:30-108]  Legislative and advisory committees.  (a)  A legislative committee comprising state legislators or their designees shall be established to monitor the operations of, and make recommendations to, the commission including the management committee; provided that the manner of selection and term of any legislative committee member shall be as set forth in the bylaws.  Prior to the adoption by the commission of any uniform standard, revision to the bylaws, annual budget, or other significant matter as may be provided in the bylaws, the management committee shall consult with and report to the legislative committee.

     (b)  The commission shall establish two advisory committees, one of which shall be comprised of consumer representatives independent of the insurance industry, and the other, of insurance industry representatives.

     (c)  The commission may establish additional advisory committees as its bylaws may provide for the carrying out of its functions. [L 2004, c 104, pt of §2]