§431:22-104  Standards for the award of grants.  (a)  Subject to the availability of funds and the standards in this article, grants for wind resistive devices shall be awarded by the commissioner:

     (1)  That reimburse thirty-five per cent of costs incurred for the wind resistive devices and their installation, up to a maximum total reimbursement of $2,100 per dwelling;

     (2)  On a first-come, first-served basis, as determined by the commissioner; and

     (3)  For a wind resistive device or devices installed only in a single or multi-family residential dwelling.

     (b)  Grants shall be awarded for the installation of the following:

     (1)  Uplift restraint ties at roof ridges and roof framing members to wall or beam supports;

     (2)  Additional fastening of roof sheathing and roof decking for high wind uplift;

     (3)  Impact and pressure resistant exterior opening protective devices;

     (4)  Wall to foundation uplift restraint connections strengthening for wood foundation posts on footings; and

     (5)  Residential safe rooms.

The description, specifications, guidelines, and requirements for these wind resistive devices shall be further developed and determined by the commissioner in the commissioner's sole discretion.  The commissioner, in the commissioner's sole discretion, may amend, narrow, or expand the definitions, description, specifications, and requirements of the wind resistive devices.

     (c)  In addition, a grant may be made to an applicant only if the applicant:

     (1)  Has met the descriptions, specifications, guidelines, and requirements established by the commissioner for the grant program;

     (2)  Has filed a completed application form, as determined solely by the commissioner, together with all supporting documentation required by the commissioner;

     (3)  Has, in the case of a building with multiple dwellings, filed together completed grant applications for all dwellings in the building, for installation of wind resistive devices indicated in section 431:22‑104(b)(1), (2), and (4); provided that this requirement does not apply to section 431:22‑104(b)(3);

     (4)  Has installed a wind resistive device or devices including residential safe room designs that meet the standards established by the state department of defense and that have been designated and approved by the commissioner;

     (5)  Has fully paid, prior to applying for the grant, the cost of the wind resistive device or devices, as well as the installation costs for which the grant is sought.  The grant shall be used to reimburse only these costs or a portion thereof;

     (6)  Has hired an inspector, determined by the commissioner to be qualified in accordance with the requirements of the commissioner, who has verified in writing that the installation of the wind resistive device or devices is complete and is in compliance with the grant program specifications, guidelines, and requirements, as determined by the commissioner;

     (7)  Has installed the wind resistive device or devices after July 1, 2002;

     (8)  Has provided any other information deemed necessary by the commissioner; and

     (9)  Has met all additional requirements needed to implement the grant program as determined by the commissioner.

     (d)  Moneys appropriated for the grant program may be used to pay for the costs of administering, operating, and marketing the grant program, as determined by the commissioner. [L 2002, c 179, pt of §3; am L Sp 2005, c 5, §§10, 11; am L 2007, c 80, §3]