431:21-119 Issuance of new policies; removal of moratorium. If residential property insurance is unavailable, as determined by the commissioner, due to a moratorium on the issuance of policies on property situated in lava zones where the mayor of the county of Hawaii has issued a proclamation declaring a state of emergency exists due to the threat of imminent disaster from a lava flow, the association shall remove its moratorium. Upon the moratorium's removal, the association shall offer new policies and may provide a waiting period of no longer than six months for the policy coverage to take effect; provided that the residential property in the lava zone does not have current insurance. [L 2015, c 32, 3; am L 2016, c 6, 1]


Cross References


Insurance for properties in lava zones in the county of Hawaii, see 431:10E-141 and 431:10E-142.



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