[§431:21-110]  Application; inspection.  (a)  Any person having an insurable interest in real or tangible personal property who has been unable to obtain basic property insurance from a licensed insurer may apply to the association for coverage.

     (b)  Within ten days of receiving an application, the association may conduct an inspection of the property to determine the condition of the property and decide if the property qualifies for coverage under the standards set forth in the plan of operation.

     (c)  The inspection of the property shall include, but need not be limited to, inspection of pertinent structural and occupancy features as well as the general condition of the building and surrounding structures.  A representative photograph may be taken as part of the inspection.

     (d)  Within ten days of the inspection, an inspection report shall be filed with the member insurer designated by the association.  A copy of the completed inspection report shall be sent to the applicant upon request. [L 1991, c 284, pt of §2]