§431:21-103  Creation of association.  (a)  There is created a nonprofit unincorporated legal entity to be known as the Hawaii Property Insurance Association.  All insurers included in the definition of member insurer in section 431:21-102 shall be and remain members of the association as a condition of their authority to transact the business of insurance in this State.  The association shall perform its functions under a plan of operation established and approved under section 431:21-106 and shall exercise its powers through a board of directors established under section 431:21-104.

     (b)  Each member insurer shall participate in the writings, expenses, profits, and losses of the association in the proportion that its net direct written premiums during the preceding calendar year bear to the net direct written premiums for all member insurers for the preceding calendar year. [L 1991, c 284, pt of §2; am L 1992, c 143, §2]