§431:20-119  Division of fees.  Nothing in this article shall prohibit the division of fees or charges between two or more title insurers or between one or more title insurers and one or more underwritten title companies, if such division does not constitute an unlawful rebate or inducement, or payment of a finder's fee; provided that a title insurer shall specify on any title policy issued by it, either in a single amount or by itemization, the entire charge made to obtain such title policy, including the charges made by any underwritten title company for the title search, title examination, certificate, or abstract of title upon the basis of which the title policy is issued.  If so specified in a single amount, the charge shall be clearly described as the total charge for both the title insurance fee and the search, certificate, chain or abstract title, lien search, or any continuation of any of the above, as the case may be, of any underwritten title company. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]