§431:19-303  Protected cells.  A sponsored captive insurance company formed and licensed under this article may establish and maintain one or more protected cells to insure risks of one or more participants, subject to the following:

     (1)  The shareholders or members of a sponsored captive insurance company shall be limited to its participants and sponsors; provided that a sponsored captive insurance company may issue nonvoting securities to other persons on terms approved by the commissioner;

     (2)  A protected cell shall be organized and operated in only those forms of business organization authorized by the commissioner, including an association, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or trust;

     (3)  Each protected cell shall be accounted for separately on the books and records of the sponsored captive insurance company to reflect the financial condition and results of operations of the protected cell, net income or loss, dividends or other distributions to participants, and other factors as may be provided in the participant contract or required by the commissioner;

     (4)  The assets of a protected cell shall not be chargeable with liabilities arising out of any other insurance business the sponsored captive insurance company may conduct;

     (5)  No sale, exchange, or other transfer of assets may be made by a sponsored captive insurance company between or among any of its protected cells without the consent of the protected cells;

     (6)  No sale, exchange, transfer of assets, dividend, or distribution may be made from a protected cell to a sponsor or participant without the commissioner's approval, and in no event shall the approval be given if the sale, exchange, transfer, dividend, or distribution would result in insolvency or impairment with respect to a protected cell;

     (7)  Each sponsored captive insurance company shall annually file with the commissioner, financial reports as the commissioner shall require, that shall include, without limitation, accounting statements detailing the financial experience of each protected cell;

     (8)  Each sponsored captive insurance company shall notify the commissioner in writing within ten business days of any protected cell that is insolvent or otherwise unable to meet its claim or expense obligations; and

     (9)  No participant contract shall take effect without the commissioner's prior written approval, and the addition of each new protected cell and withdrawal of any participant or termination of any existing protected cell shall constitute a change in business plan requiring the commissioner's prior written approval. [L 2008, c 190, pt of §1; am L 2010, c 7, §3]