§431:16-213  Credits for assessments paid.  (a)  A member insurer may offset against its premium tax liability (or liabilities) to this State an assessment described in section 431:16-209(h) to the extent of twenty per cent of the amount of such assessment for each of the five calendar years following the year in which such assessment was paid.  In the event a member insurer should cease doing business, all uncredited assessments may be credited against its premium tax liability (or liabilities) for the year it ceases doing business.

     (b)  Any sums which are acquired by refund, pursuant to section 431:16-209(f), from the association by member insurers, and which have theretofore been offset against premium taxes as provided in subsection (a) shall be paid by the association to the commissioner and by the commissioner deposited with the state director of finance for credit to the general fund of this State. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]