§431:15‑409  Interstate priorities.  (a)  In a liquidation proceeding in this State involving one or more reciprocal states, the order of distribution of the domiciliary state shall control as to all claims of residents of this State and reciprocal states.  All claims of residents of reciprocal states shall be given equal priority of payment from general assets regardless of where those assets are located.

     (b)  The owners of special deposit claims against an insurer, for which a liquidator is appointed in this State or any other state, shall be given priority against the special deposits in accordance with the statutes governing the creation and maintenance of the deposits.  If there is a deficiency in any deposit so that the claims secured by it are not fully discharged from it, the claimants may claim against a guaranty fund or association or may share in the general assets, but the claim shall be limited and the sharing shall be deferred until the general creditors having the same priority, and also the claimants against other special deposits sharing the same priority who have received smaller percentages from their respective special deposits, have been paid percentages of their claims equal to the percentage paid from the special deposit.

     (c)  The owner of a secured claim against an insurer for which a liquidator has been appointed in this State or any other state may surrender the security for the claim and file the claim as a general creditor, or the claim may be discharged by resort to the security in accordance with section 431:15‑331, in which case the deficiency, if any, shall be treated as a claim against the general assets of the insurer on the same basis as claims of unsecured creditors. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]